The Language of Roses

Roses have reserved a place of preference in everybody’s hearts. Queen of flowers, it is the star of all bouquets. So go all out to impress your loved one and sway in romance!

Did you know the largest wedding bouquet measured 60.09 meters using 1,500 roses?
Since ancient times, this flower was the favorite of Venus, goddess of love and beauty. Later it was reflected in literature metaphors to personify love, beauty, time and fragility.
Believe it or not, roses are one of the oldest flowers. Archeologists have discovered rose fossils that date back as far as 35 million years! The Sweet Juliet rose is unquestionably the rarest kind of rose in the world. It costs around 20 euros! As for black roses, they are only found in Halfeti, a small village in southeastern Turkey.
Whether you love a little, a lot, passionately or madly, the color of the rose you choose can communicate all nuances of your feelings, so here is your little guide:
Red: Love & Romance
Pink: Grace & Elegance
Yellow: Friendship & Cheer, and sometimes Jealousy
White: Purity & Innocence & Spirituality
Orange: Enthusiasm & Energy
Fun fact: there are now 300 species of roses and 30,000 rose varieties in the world. Long-stemmed roses are the most common variety sold, especially on Valentine’s Day.
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