Long Live Flowers

Have you been offered flowers recently? How to make your bouquet last longer? We guide you with 7 tips to grant your bouquet a mega boost!
1/ Start by cutting the flower stems. Use a clean knife; clippers or scissors could crush the stems and reduce the longevity of your flowers. Cut 2 cm every 2 days!
2/ Choose the right vase! Your vase should measure at least half the length of the stems for the air to circulate and ventilate your flowers. Clean your vase before using it. A dirty vase increases bacteria in the water and harms your bouquet.
3/ Remove the leaves from the stems. These leaves immersed in water favor its rotting, and therefore the premature end of your bouquet.
4/ Dilute a pinch of sugar or baking soda in the water; your plants will draw the necessary nutrients from it. You can also use a plant preservative.
Reapply every 2 days!
5/ Change the water every 2 days to prevent your plants from rotting. The water must be at room temperature to avoid weakening your flowers.
6/ Place your flowers in a cool, airy place, away from bright light. To improve water absorption by your flowers, put them in your refrigerator at night!
7/ Finally, you can keep a bouquet for life by drying it! Just tie the flowers with a string and hang them upside down in a dark place. A few days or weeks later, depending on the flowers, they will be dried, and you can witness true art in its purest forms!