Say it with Flowers

Dear reader, this is your guide to live on love and fresh flowers!
Valentine's Day is the start of a new season: Spring and the return to life of plants and flowers in our gardens! 
According to many surveys, 92% of women remember the last time they received flowers. Additionally, 86% of women say receiving flowers makes them feel special. So yes, giving flowers for Valentine's Day is always a good idea!

Let’s take you for a spin in a world of pure romance… 
We start with one clue: red is by far the most popular color! It is the color of love, passion and romance. The timeless bouquet of red roses is the symbol of absolute love and passion. It is a must to declare your raging flame, as it is the preferred flower of Aphrodite, goddess of love. 
If you're wondering what arrangement to give your significant other, we've picked out the four most popular types this year, prepared by our artisans’ golden fingers. They vary in styles, but they carry a similar message:
-   The Love Box: This DIY bouquet for Valentine’s even comes with a cute little vase! Perfect to send anywhere your partner is hanging out at any time of the day.
-   Tie Your Roses: This easy to do DIY kit will definitely add some ardor and excitement to this yearly romantic month!
-    Red Party: The intricate detailing is to die for in this beautifully designed product. The party of flowers in this number is just invigorating!
-   Blind Love: You can marvel at this distinguished bouquet and stand out on Valentine’s this season! Your significant one will take refuge in this red explosion of emotions…
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