Birthdays Flowers? We help you choose!

If you’re looking to send birthday wishes to a friend, family or loved one this year, we have three words for you: buy them flowers!

Depending on the age of the recipient, their gender but also the season, the choice of flowers to offer may differ. 

For a young person, flowers in pink, yellow and white tones are best. On the other hand, if the recipient is of an older age, opt for flowers that symbolize past memories and moments of life. The season is also an important element, as nature offers us different floral landscapes in each of them. In spring, peonies, tulips and anemones will allow you to offer sumptuous bouquets. In summer, opt for a country style with wildflowers: lavender, wheat, poppy, sunflowers etc. In autumn, the dahlia and the fuchsia will be a perfect choice. In winter, the mimosa will add a warm touch to your bouquets!

We picked for you our favorite birthday blooms with that extra something that exudes elegance and charm.

The Orchid Plant is the symbol of sophistication and distinction.  The white flower in general is elegant and has always embodied refinement. It will actually evoke the beauty and perfection of the person who receives it! 

The Eternal Orchid; this Phalaenopsis kind of orchid comes in this screaming festive color. Birthdays are synonymous with joy, love and cheerfulness. What better than to offer a pop, colorful and vitaminized bouquet?

La Boite de Roses – Pink Ohara garden roses exhudes elegance and immeasurable sweetness. They express a feeling of love, but in a softer way than the red rose. Thus, it is possible to offer this rose to your partner as well as to your mother. A pink rose represents affection and tenderness as well as refinement and elegance!

The Aster: this combo of orange tulips, Nutan, Celosia and free spirit roses has the ability to shock and delight! Edwardian princess meets forest fairy to wish someone a fresh fun and fantastic start of a new year!

The Malak bouquet radiates a rustic, bohemian and romantic feel. It is minimalist, eco-friendly, wild and natural, simply a new territory of refinement! 

Whatever the season, The Flower Society invites you to wish your loved ones a happy birthday with fresh flowers assembled in an original bouquet and delivered as soon as possible anywhere in Dubai.

Just what you need for a fabulous celebration!