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Article: Discover the meaning behind the color of flowers you offer

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Discover the meaning behind the color of flowers you offer

To offer a bouquet of flowers is to transmit a message from the heart. And if the choice of flowers is important for this, the choice of colors is even more decisive!
In our culture, flowers are a message of love, tenderness, friendship and sympathy. But in addition to decorating your interior, flowers convey messages. If we all know the meaning of a bouquet of red roses, we often know less about the message carried by the lily, the tulip, the peony or the sunflower!
We also forget that the flower is not the only one to carry a message, the choice of colors also has a meaning. Here’s a quick guide:
-   White flowers
Symbol of purity and virginity, consolation, innocence, naivety and joy, but also refinement and elegance. Indeed, the purity of white evokes beauty and perfection.
-   Yellow flowers
Symbol of luxury, glory, success and prosperity. Also associated with infidelity and betrayal. The color yellow evokes light, the sun and harmony. Yellow flowers express the happiness of loving and being loved or more simply the joy of living.

-   Orange flowers
Symbol of joy, cheerfulness, beauty, greatness, balance of mind and senses.
-   Pink flowers
Symbol of youth, gentleness and affection. The pink color evokes sweetness and tenderness. We send pink flowers to express our friendship, or our tender love.

-   Red flowers
Symbol of passion, courage, ambition, ardent and passionate love but also the symbol of anger. The color red expresses the ardor of feelings, and thus a red flower is a passionate declaration of love.

-   Purple flowers
Purple is for peace, gentleness and generosity, but also humility and delicacy.
-   Green flowers
Symbolizing Joy and optimism, green flowers also illustrate hope.
Take a deep breath, say your mantras, and check those three colorful bouquets we selected for your eyes only!  
A mixture of red and dark pink, this one is definitely about action unfolding in the love and passion department!
Sweet Things
A sweeping combination of soft pink and peach for a new interpretation of sweetness. What a nice touch!
This superstar in all-yellow glow is the latest trend this summer. It’s getting brighter by the day!

Deciding on what color flowers to offer is no easy feat and this is why we are here to help! Flowers are an ode to life and colors are its soul …


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