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Article: The wait is over, our summer collection is here!

The wait is over, our summer collection is here!

The wait is over, our summer collection is here!

Need some gift ideas for the summer invites stacking up on your mantlepiece? Look no further.

Flowers are the language you dream in, and this season is for dreaming in comfort, fun and relaxation. Our Summer Collection is a breath of fresh air and it is here to make your home a fun and comfortable place that you are happy to come back to every day! Our arrangements are graceful and welcoming, highlighted with poetic flowers, in pastel tones, perfect to inspire you to create and cherish great memories…

The long-awaited Summer Collection is finally here, it is light-hearted, a voyage, and a happy fantasy, where priority is given to flowers in shades of green, pink, orange, and peach. Our arrangements are delicate and poetic and offer each flower its share of attention. Small, fragile flowers and delicately structured leaves are essential elements, as are vase shapes that seem to have stood the test of time. In this decor, softness and harmony are the key words of the season! It gives way to evocative bouquets where each flower seems to carry a message, the whole composing a magnificent poem...

Let yourself be inspired as we share with you our signature picks from our latest sought-out collection!

This number is a real work of art on stems. Its heart is made up of a set of green blooms crowned with delicate petals. It is here to remind you of moments of past happiness, carelessness and bliss! Put your memories in a bouquet, all summer long…

This playful bouquet seems to reach for the heavens in a whirlwind of petals surrounding its delicate heart. From soft, feather-like flowers to lush and velvety tulips, just enough to give you a serious wanderlust … What do you think of this star?  


Maybe we’re biased but this arrangement is just the summer reset that your interior is looking for! If you think softness, tenderness and harmony, this pastel perfect bouquet immediately comes to mind. Few ones are as romantic as this one, with its delicate petals and dramatic thorns…

Now that you are armed with flowers and summer dreams, you are set to conquer the most glamourous of events and parties! We’re rooting for this season and its dizzying array of fun-ready creations…

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