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Article: Read this to create the boldest of arrangements!

Read this to create the boldest of arrangements!

Creating the perfect bouquet is easier to achieve than it seems. All you need is the right tools and above all, a bit of imagination!  Start out by selecting seasonal flowers. Find out in advance about spring flowers, summer flowers, fall flowers or even winter flowers. 

Here’s a quick hint:

  • Spring: tulip, poppy flower, lily of the valley, peony.
  • Summer: delphinium, hydrangea, lily, rose.
  • Autumn: dahlia, chrysanthemum, grasses.
  • Winter: ranunculus, winter jasmine, mimosa, anemone, white camellia, amaryllis.

Once you have your flowers, you will need to prune them. To make them live longer, be sure to cut them at an angle, at the height you want. This allows the stem to better absorb water, instead of being crushed. Your flowers will therefore be better hydrated, and you will be able to keep them longer in a vase before they wilt.

To make a beautiful bouquet of flowers, opt for flowers of different sizes. You need large, medium and small ones. You can vary the colors, either staying within the same shades of tones or opting for a multicolored set.
Be careful, in order for everything to remain harmonious, it is better not to exceed three or four different shades. And it's the same for the varieties of flowers: no more than four kinds, apart from the decorating leaves of course. For example, you can combine roses, peonies and dahlias. Also, remember that some bouquets are perfect with only one kind of flower. You can also add foliage, such as Eucalyptus branches or even fers of olive leaves. To make an original bouquet, you can also mix fresh flowers with dried flowers. It's the trend of the moment and we can't get enough of it!

Lacking inspiration? Discover our selection of the most beautiful bouquets of flowers:

Wild Prairie is the perfect example for mixing fresh flowers with dried ones. This one exudes quiet chic and freshness. This could be your bouquet making debut!

There are few bouquets that encapsulate the spirit of freshness more brilliantly than this one. Contrasting colors are key, this one is an ode to summer and happy times!

Last but not least, this arrangement revisits the magic of old times chic, and it kind of screams desert rose! It’s a true marvel and you can just get inspired by this A-game number!

Don’t forget to play with hues; look for subtleties of hues in order to play with the nuances of the same color palette. This automatically brings an effect of depth and makes a bouquet much more attractive!

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