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Love's Tapestry Delight

Product Details:

Red Roses
Anthurium Red
Hydrangea Dry Red
Gravellia Dry Red
Brown Glass Vase
Blushing Love Cake 1.8 Kg
Flavors Available: Dark Chocolate, Chocolate, Victoria Cake
Delivery Time: 6 Hrs.

Immerse yourself in the tapestry of love with our Love's Tapestry Delight. This carefully curated collection features a stunning bouquet, weaving together hues of red flowers and a pink creamy heart-shaped Valentine's peace of cake, this collection is a timeless declaration of your deepest affections.
Sale priceDhs. 1,350.00
Love's Tapestry Delight
Love's Tapestry Delight Sale priceDhs. 1,350.00