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Hearts Aglow Fusion

Product Details:

Anthurium Red
Roses Red
Asparagus Dry Red
Amaranthus Dry Red
Red Velvet Ribbon
Heart of Gold Cake 1.8 Kg
Flavors Available: Dark Chocolate, Chocolate, Victoria Cake
Silver/Gold Vase (Small)
Delivery Time: 6 Hrs.

Ignite the flames of love with our Hearts Aglow Fusion. This unique collection pairs a radiant bouquet of red roses, a symbol of deep affection, with a scrumptious peace of cake that complements the joyous occasion. Let your love shine bright with this delightful fusion of blooms and sweetness.

Sale priceDhs. 1,400.00
Hearts Aglow Fusion
Hearts Aglow Fusion Sale priceDhs. 1,400.00